Thursday, March 8, 2012

President? I'm a Bad Bad President :)

Today I just realized, I'm a pretty bad president

Why? Honestly, I'm quite bad at following conventional pre-made methods

Yeah, really, one look at my club and you won't really notice that its Rotaract

Because a year ago when I became president

I was given a blank canvas

And I decided to paint it with something else instead of the Rotaract sign

Strange, isn't it?

Again I'll say, I'm quite bad at following pre-made conventional methods of doing things

I prefer to experiment new things and break the rules

hence if you know my club well, you'll find we're pretty weird in many ways, such as the way we conduct meetings, etc etc

Right now I look at the members, and I feel, wow, they've really came quite a long journey with me, even though its not even a year yet since I recruited them.

Those that stayed, I really appreciate them, even though all the hard times have came upon us they still stayed.


Think about it. Wouldn't it be more interesting this way?

I'm giving them freedom. Freedom to choose their path.

I didn't paint Rotaract on that blank canvas one year ago.

I painted things like hope, persistence, never giving up, and many other things that act as a much more reliable foundation.

Now, that my time is nearly over, when they do take over, they get to choose what they want to be, whether it be Rotaract or something else.

To me, Rotaract is just a name, you can do anything you wish to do, why restrict ourselves?

That's right, they will discover their own identity, sooner or later.

Isn't it more interesting that way?

We did accomplish much more in this one short year than in the previous years of Rotaract. Out of the 3 years of existence, this one was the most lively one.

It really did not make sense to me as to why I need to follow the conventional methods of Rotaract when my own ways suited the club so much better.

And I believe that in times to come they will be even better, even after I am long gone. I believe that much.

Why? Because important values like never giving up and believing and having hope are far more important than anything else.

Without those good values, then nothing good will come of the club. Really. The previous year it was just all about "who was right" and "who should be blamed" and "there's no members so we can't do any events"

Trust me when I say, having the right values come first before anything else.

Though, I have not been a perfect president. Many mistakes I have made. Many members I lost along the way. And you know what? It makes me treasure those who have followed all the way and stayed even more.

So yes, I am a bad president, if you look at it from a Rotaract aspect. I'm probably the lowest score among all presidents in that aspect

But I dare say that in other aspects I do score some good marks. I probably got 100 marks in unique-ness of running a club. Haha.....

So yeah, that pretty much sums up the truth about my presidency. Personally, it is actually much more satisfying than if I had to follow the Rotaract rules etc. I'd rather be a bad President than be a President that I'm not.

After all, I'm a rule-breaker :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Kind of a Person am I?

It's just one of those days where you feel motivated to write about something.

Have you ever wondered how much you understand yourself?

Lately, I've come to understand a few things about myself.

I'm starting to see myself more and more each year. Perhaps one day I'll fully grasp the concept of 'me'.

The first thing I noticed lately is that, I'm really the kind of guy who, gets excited over something very easily.

But because I get excited very easily, I also lose interest very easily.

So you'll find that in my history of my life, there are many unfinished projects. Things I wanted to do but never did.

Secondly, I'm the very extreme type. This means that I like to do things in extreme. For instance, I like food that is extremely spicy, sweet and salty. I just like things that have a very strong taste.

What I also mean by extreme is, when I do something, once I get focused on it, I don't stop. It's like momentum. For example, I'm the type that does projects last minute. That's why, once I start, I don't stop. I can keep doing it for 4-7 days. Or even longer, in my year 1 I think I spent an entire month not going out, just doing project at home. It's crazy I know. But that's who I am. I'm really not the type that does something and stops. Once I stop, I most of the time don't start again. So when I do something, I do it till the end.

So you see, sometimes I can go on a hiatus. You may see me going crazy over something, doing it over and over again for several days straight. It happened with climbing, badminton, games, so many more examples. But once I stop, I usually don't start again anymore.

In certain ways you can say it's like quitting. That's why this is one of my main concerns. My solution to it is to start and finish it without stopping. Like if I start a project, I must do it until the end with full focus without anything else disturbing me. That's my biggest challenge for this problem.


What else have I discovered about myself?

Well, in relationships, I'm the type who is quite open-minded. I'm not that possessive of my partner. If I were to have one , that is. I will understand the boundaries. But because of this I may have some problem getting really close on a non-physical level to my spouse. I need to work harder in this aspect.

Also, I'm not the type who gets jealous that easily. I do get jealous, but only if its a very good reason to get jealous. I don't get jealous over small things that really aren't worth getting jealous about. So only for things that I feel is important to get jealous about. Oh yes, and I don't show my jealousy easily.

Ah yes, I also believe in respecting people who are in relationships. That is why, you will never see me try to get close to someone's girlfriend. Not in a little bit. I prefer to keep my distance. And I will never steal anyone's girlfriend. Ever. I'm really not that type. If I were to take someone's girl what does that make me? That's right. Also, if the girl really left another guy to be with me, are you sure that's really the type of girl you want to be with? She should make a clean breakup and perhaps wait for a few months or more before starting another relationship.

Also, if I were to go after a girl. I do it directly, but not in a very quick manner. I don't go and say "hey let's go on a date". I am the type who gets to know someone slowly first. Be friends first right? That's how I feel. When we're close enough things will happen naturally. Why rush it? Relationships are built based on stages. And it starts from friendship. Personally, it's how I think.

Another thing, when I do get rejected by a girl, I do feel sad, but I will let go of it. This applies for both direct rejecting or indirect rejection. Though until today, I've only been rejected indirectly, if I'm not mistaken. I do let it go, and I don't put any blame on the girl. Everyone has their freedom to choose who they want to be with. I mean, if someone doesn't love you in return it's really not right to force them to love you. So honestly, I'm the type where people can be direct with me. I'll accept the truth and move on. Simple as that. Don't worry about caring about my feelings. It would really hurt more if you lied to make me feel better. The truth hurts, but not as much as a lie. Because if you really cared about me, you know I deserve the truth. It's all I want.

One last thing about me when I'm in relationships.

I'm the monogamous type. What is monogamous? It means that you will only have one partner. Like you know, penguins are monogamous, once they find a partner they will stay together forever. Men in general are polygamous. They can have several women in their lives. By nature I should be polygamous, but I have a mind that can control my actions. So I am monogamous. I hope all guys out there will have the same mentality.

So in other words, I'm the loyal type. You won't see me two timing or cheating if I am in a relationship. That's just the type I am. If things don't work out I'll be sure to have a clean break up before moving on. We both deserve that much, I believe. If possible I'd want my first girlfriend to be my wife. So in a way I will be completely monogamous, having one partner throughout my lifetime. That's my ideal relationship life. Ya know?


Also, when it comes to social life. I discovered one thing.

I'm not the type to get close to anybody. I have good friends, but never really best friends. I had really really good friends before, but never really onto the best friend level. If I had a best friend, then today we'd still be best friends. So... as of now I don't have one. I rest my case.

You never see me hang out with any particular gang. I'm usually one person walking around. It's like I can fit in anywhere, and I don't stay in one place for that long.

It's both good and bad. I never get too close to anyone. But because of that I also sometimes do feel alone. But not very severe case la, I'm still okay with it. It's just the feeling you know.... Sometimes when you have those regular friends you hang out with, I kind of want that feeling every once in a while. But deep down, I know I'm not the type who gets close to people easily. Some cases, if I'm too close I get uncomfortable. Then I will distance myself again.


On life itself. I'd say I'm the type who is very sacrificial.

What do I mean? Well, you see... If 10 people including me were locked in a room, and one of us had to die so that the 9 others could live, I would give my life. Without question. Why? Because I'm like that. I won't be able to live with myself if someone else had to die for me. Why wasn't I the one to die for someone else? As a man, I won't be able to take it. I would honestly feel guilty forever. Especially when I had the choice.

So usually, in games you'll see me playing tanks. I'm the front man. I'm not the sneaky type. I'm quite direct. I'll take the blow for my team. A tanks job is to die so that the team-mates survive. That's why tanks suit me really well. Though now a days I'm playing different types of heroes.


Ah, yes. I did mention I'm the extreme type, right?

For those of you who know me for a while now, you can see that when I became a fan of SNSD, I really go all out. Buy their merchandise, watch their videos almost everyday. Actually. I think its everyday lol. I even went to singapore by flight with friends and slept outside the stadium just to be in front of the line to see them. Go figure.

So what type of an SNSD fan am I?

I'm really the crazy type. Like crazy...... Some fans are the collectors type. They collect everything they can meticulously. I'm not so particular about what I own. I show them support verbally, by telling friends about them, sharing videos and photos. To the public. Even though people may say I'm doing too much of it. But hey, I'm not hurting anyone, so I don't see why I can't do so. People really need to lighten up. Sometimes they make certain things sound like a crime. Even though the real crimes are the one that need attention.

I'm not afraid to express it. Why should I? I will be myself. Even if people tell me not to. As long as I don't hurt anyone, it's totally fine to be myself. People should care more about themselves than others. Sometimes people comment too much about others, only to forget that no one is perfect. No one can fulfill your desires of seeing a perfect living human being. Perfection does not exist. It is only there to allow us to work towards it, but never to be achieved. I could go on and on about perfection so I'll just leave it at this.

in SNSD, there are 9 girls, and my favourite is brighter than gems Tiffany :)

Yeap, I love her to BITS. And I'm the loyal type. She'll always be my number one favourite in the group. There's no changing that. SNSD will always be my bias group as well. I won't change once I've decided on something. I'm stubborn/loyal in that way, depending on how you look at it. Life is all about perspectives, anyway, right? That's why people can look at the same thing and have likes and dislikes about it. Makes life really interesting, no?

Finally, even though I may be such a crazy fan, I am in a way, a mature fan. You know sometimes when you're so crazy over something, not everyone can understand why? Yeah, everyone is just different, that's all. The thing is, sometimes people keep wondering why I'm so crazy over them. Sometimes they even say mean things and I really did get hurt a few times. But you know what... After a few times, I realized, I should really not get mad at those comments. People just have a different perspective, and they can say what they want. It's up to me how I want to take it. I don't have to take it personally or in a hurtful manner. I have a choice. We always do. So I just learn to ignore it. Also, I start to think about the 9 girls. What will others think about them if I react negatively to such comments? I don't want to give a bad impression about SNSD, so I as a loyal fan, will NOT reply rudely to negative comments. It just makes the situation worse. Don't be immature. That's what I keep telling myself. It's one of the biggest challenges of being a fan. You have to control your emotions, so that you do not give your favourite idol group a bad name. If I were to reply, I'll be sure to make it sound proper and give the right image.


When it comes to emotions, I can be really emotional. But I will try to hide it when I'm in public. But only when it comes to negative emotions like anger. I try not to show that I'm angry or unhappy. But usually people can sense it.

If I'm not cheerful like I usually am, then I'm probably feeling some negative emotions and trying to hide it, haha. When I'm at home, where I'm most comfortable, I tend to show it easily. So my family knows how I really am like. Lol. But I'm sure that's the case with most of us. At home and outside we're totally different. Haha, you know I'm right about that :)

Wow, I wrote a bunch of stuff huh?

I start to think, wow, I do know quite some things about myself. But there are loads more. I believe that we are ever expanding and growing. I think even in 6 months I might have changed a few times already. I'll be working and doing different things from now. Maybe I'm living outside?

Who knows? But as of now, I know at least this much about myself :) I hope you guys enjoyed reading. I think I missed a few important points, but I guess I can write again next time. No rush right? LOL!

Well, have a good night, and thanks, even though I think most people don't read this blog anymore HAHA! TATAAAA~! :DDDD

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Just Realized.... SNSD


Honestly, I don't know why I'm blogging at this time. I hardly update

Was watching another SNSD video and I cried again

It started to make me think a lot

How I've changed, how it's easier for me to be emotional these days

In a good way of course

You know, most people still don't understand why I can be so involved in SNSD, in an emotional way.

Well, all I can say is I've never met any other 9 girls who could make me feel so touched! Really... I rarely cry. But I tear up easily whenever I watch touching videos of SNSD.

And these are 9 girls whom I don't know at all personally. When was the last time I cried for a girl I knew in person? It was ... a long time ago.

But these are 9 great girls.

You know what's the funny thing.

So many people keep wondering why I'm so crazy over SNSD and stuff.

But look, if you don't go crazy in life your not really living life.

Why live such a reserved life? Why don't you just be yourself and stop caring about what others think?

I love snsd! So what? Why do you care? Why can't you go and oggle over your own groups instead of wondering why I love them so much? My life must be so much more interesting if you're taking an interest in WHY I like my favourite girl group so much :)

Unless.... you don't have such a group that could make you feel the same way? Yes, honestly I pity you, but really, mind your own business.

Honestly, sometimes it's like I'm not even allowed to express how much I love them.

And I get so sick and tired of people who give me such remarks! So I just learn to ignore them. It's really not necessary to have haters cloud your view. Seriously.


If you're still reading, then you're probably interested to know further.

And you're probably not a hater at all. No worries, my comments earlier was just directed to people who can't respect other people's own personal feelings.

Sometimes when people say mean things about snsd, i get hurt but I don't say anything in return.

You know why? Because I care about the 9 girls.

I would think... "would the girls want me to get angry over this?"

and I would also think... "i must keep the girls images, me as an SNSD fan cannot show a bad attitude towards haters..."

So usually I don't say anything. SO that's why I'm here, blogging in my own space. So I hope you guys understand why I'm letting it out here.

I believe I can be a more mature fan.

I believe I can be one of the best SONEs around

By putting their needs before mine when it comes to topics about them.


Did you guys know how happy I am to come to know SNSD? It's like I don't even care if I'm single anymore. I love them! Whenever I feel sad I just turn on some SNSD videos and my sadness is GONE!

I'm supposed to be doing my assignments now, but after watching SNSD my worries are GONE! Though I should get back to doing it after this post.

Did you know? I actually always wanted to be more emotional, not in the bad way, but in the good way.

You don't get what I mean do you?

Well, dont you know how some people can be so... emotionless? Mostly guys, they are less emotional than girls, and I'm talking about the GOOD aspect of being emotional, not the bad aspects

Good aspects such as you know... feeling touched... feeling serenity... just feeling life man.

After watching those kind of amazing and touching stories about snsd and the troubles they faced, I couldn't help but feel touched.

I cried. I cried when tiffany talked about how she lost her mom at the age of 14, and how she was thankful to her mom and god that even though her mom is gone, she was left with 8 wonderful amazing sisters....

I cried when I saw their into the new world concert. In the song 'complete', there was a moment where the song stops. And they gather in a circle and pray in silence for 10 seconds.... It was so touching.. I'm tearing up now thinking about it...

I cried, when I was in singapore, on the second night, they sang the song 'into the new world'. I cried. I just cried. I let it all out. All my emotions out. I felt so........ so emotional. In a good way. I was happy. Girls' Generation made me feel this way. Me ,a guy who could not be emotional in a good way. I'm happy thanks to them that I could feel such amazingly wonderful emotions.

I don't cry much. Even when I'm sad. Unless I'm extremely extremely depressed. Last year I didn't cry much at all.

If you are, as curious as everyone else as to why I love them, you will understand if you watch enough SNSD videos, come to love them and be passionate about them, and just understand them. They are so amazing girls. I'm not the only one who says this. Ask the hundreds of thousands or millions of snsd fans. They'll tell you.

I'm sure we all have our favourite artists. Usually we just like them to a certain degree. But this, is a whole different level. This is actually getting involved in their story. Knowing as much about them as possible. Watching their videos whenever there's a new one.

It's different, its not just liking them. It's a real emotional connection.

I really can't tell you how it feels. It has to be felt for yourself

When the girls are having fun and laughing, I'm happy and I laugh along.

When the girls tell their sad stories, I cry too. I'm sad too.

When the girls are just being their funny dorky selves, me too, I become myself too, I express how much I love their personalities and dorkiness.

It's just an amazing experience

I hope that you too, have a favourite artist or group. It doesn't have to be SNSD, it can be any artist.

And I hope that you too can get involved in that artist's life, not just on a fan level, but on an emotional level as well. It's just so touching when you get so involved with them ,you know? There's no other feeling like it.

I don't expect anyone to understand just by reading this. As I mentioned, you HAVE to experience it for yourself.

I'm proud to be a SONE, and will Forever be a SONE.

Oh yes, I cried too when I watched fan made - videos about SNSD. It's really touching... I've said this about 10 times now aha... but yes, SNSD's story is so touching...

I thought only girls will cry when it comes to sad stuff. Usually it's the case, as a guy I will hold in my tears.

But not for SNSD. I let it flow.

Because that's how much I love them, and I want to have my honest feelings come out. I don't want to hold it in. I don't want to hide it. Why should I? Life is for living. Without emotions we'd just be mindless zombies.

So you. If you do not have such any group you idolize to an EMOTIONAL level, its alright. But do try. It's totally different once you have such an... obsession? Haha, no no, that's not the right word. It's not like it's something bad right? I ain't doing drugs or anything like that.

On the outside it seems like I'm obsessed with SNSD, but please, look further into the matter. Obsessed is a word used for immature people.

Meaning that if your husband or wife is obsessed with you, he or she is immature for not looking at the big picture and understanding your emotions.

So that's why, it may seem like I'm obsessed with them, but actually, I'm obsessed in a mature way, you could say. I can't find the right word for it, so 'obsessed in a mature way' will do for now.

So yeah, just wanted to get it off my chest. I feel better now after ranting. It feels good. Even though maybe less than 5 people will read this LOL. Can't blame you guys haha... This post is long and... I don't update my blog often. And I'm talking about something most people can't really relate too unless they have the same kind of .... experience.

Well, that's all for now, even if 1 person read this I'd be a happy man :)

Hope you enjoyed , and to you amazing reader for reading so far, thanks! Though maybe you just came here by accident and had nothing to do or you googled 'danny siah loves snsd' and got to this page, yeah... just another average day :)


Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011?

Yehhhh, it's 2012 now.

2011 is officially over! Anddddd there's a ton of homework waiting for me to finish XD

Honestly, I just wanted to express my thoughts so here I am writing. It feels good to write again after a long time.

Truth be told, this year, many things and many times I made mistakes. It just makes me realize how human I am, you know? Mistakes define human existence

I realized I didn't always keep my promises. I also realized I didn't do everything I said I was going to do.

Most of the time, I'd say in my mind 'okay, I'm gonna do this', but in the end, I never did it.

If there was one thing I'd want to change about myself in 2012, it's this. This one thing. This habit of not doing the things I promised and said I would do.

Why? I believe that a weak mind cannot control his actions. A strong mind, however can control the body and perform well.

The best case scenario, is that in 2012 I can overcome this huge obstacle and really do what I say I'm gonna do. Get myself more organized. And everything.

Surely, it's no easy task, but that's why it's worth doing, ya know?

I had this same problem in 2010. Not sure if I improved much in 2011.


Hey, I know I know, it's not good to only focus on my bad points. I did do some good things in 2011 too.

Sometimes in public I do help people out. There was once in a book store I lent someone in front of me my popular card so she could get the discount.

I also helped a guy move his stall in Singapore when I was there for SNSD's concert

it feels good to do these kind of small deeds, it's hard to explain the feeling, but yeah. This year I did help quite a few strangers.

Mm... I must say, many good things happened to me this year too.

Memorable ones are like when I went for SNSD's concert in Singapore. Seeing them was already a huge thing for me.

But I also received fan service from Tiffany, my favourite SNSD member. The flying kiss, heart, two thumbs up and bright smile she gave me, those 5 seconds I will remember forever.

I also managed to see SNSD off at the airport. Only those who had a flight and were inside the terminal could see them board the plane. The rest were outside the terminal (cause they don't have a flight) I was one of the lucky ones (only about 5-8 other people were there compared to the hundreds of people outside)

My love for SNSD grew a lot. Ever since the concert. I became even more loyal.

It's hard for people to understand. I know how people can wonder "how can they be so crazy over SNSD? Are they that special?"

Truthfully though, I don't blame anyone for making that kind of remark. Why?

Because you can't fully understand the reason, without seeing the situation for yourself

Does anyone really know why we love SNSD so much?

Most of my friends think I love SNSD because they're so pretty and gorgeous.

Yes, but that is only 20% of the reason I love them.

Think about it. If we loved them ONLY for their looks, then our loyalty would never last. Why? Because there are definitely so many beautiful artists around. Same thing if you are with someone because of their looks, it won't last, because you will meet someone who is better looking than your partner one day.

Yes, I don't love them just for their looks. It's their personality. It really captured my heart. Hundreds of thousands of people like me have also fallen in love with them. That is why, everytime we see a picture of them, we always talk about how wonderful they are.

When we say they look beautiful, it means that they look beautiful inside and outside. And it shows in the pictures. How many people can understand?

There are 9 girls in SNSD. Each of them have beautiful personalities, and they are special in their own way, they compliment each other's personality well. If you fall in love with any one of these girl's personalities, you will slowly start to learn about the other members in SNSD and realize how close they are, how beautiful their hearts are. It's because we know how they really are like, that we can love them so much. It's not just about looks. True SONEs will understand what I mean (SONE = SNSD fans)

Most won't understand, until they see for themselves, how the girls truly are behind the scenes.

That's why. Do you see me saying anything bad about another k-pop group? No. Why? Because I don't know their personalities. I don't know how they're really like behind the scenes. I don't know, and because I don't know, I don't judge any of them. I think all k-pop groups are great, and they all are helping spread the hallyu wave. Why hate any of them? It's a waste of time. Unnecessary hatred is generated.

But I can tell you this, I know what the girls are really like. And I'm the kind of guy who tries his best to see everything from a neutral perspective.

For instance, you know that Sooyoung from SNSD has her own solo version of Sway by Michael Buble, where she does a latin routine dance with a professional male latin dancer.

A friend of mine commented "not as good as the original michael buble sway"

I agreed with him. It's true. Sooyoung did pretty okay with her vocals, but it isn't as good as the original. But the dance routine was amazing. Sooyoung totally nailed the latin dance. My jaw hangs wide open whenever I watch it.

I still look at things from a neutral perspective, even if SNSD is my favourite girl group.

And as for those who give nonconstructive criticism and hatred, I just learn to ignore it. There'll always be such people, and I don't believe they deserve to be a k-pop fan if they put in so much effort to hate any k-pop group. They should grow up and just concentrate on loving their favourite group.

Aigoo, you can see, half of this post I talked about SNSD. That's how much I care for SNSD at the moment. It's a big part of my 2011

Becoming a SONE, that is (SONE = SNSD fan)

Yeap, it happened in May 2011. I'll never forget :)

SO if you ask me, yes, 2011 was an amazing year.

2012 will be even more amazing!

Resolutions for 2012?


It's a simple one, finish college and start living life :)

Of course, to support SNSD all the way too

One day, I'll have my own cozy home. I'll be sitting at the veranda, admiring the dark starlit sky, loving everything about life. That day will come soon, I'm sure :)

p.s. Life keeps getting better and better :3

p.p.s Thank you fany! You made me so happy at the concert! May you stay happy always and meet the man of your dreams! ^___^

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Never did I realize the real beauty of tears up till now

It's so magical

It's almost like leaving a small, yet meaningful part of you behind

Don't you think so?

Tears show that you care

So much, that you want to leave a portion of your memories there

When you part with friends, you cry, because it's so sad to have to leave

It's just... so touching

As a guy, I understand the value of tears

When someone cries for you, never take it for granted

They truly care for you so much

That they are willing to shed tears that signify how important you are

We go through life, meeting and leaving friends

Though you may meet friends, you will not always be with them

Your life may take a path that requires you to be somewhere else

So you have to leave

The important thing to remember is that

You won't be with a friend forever, but your parting won't be forever either

You will meet again :) I promise

When that time comes, you'll be much happier

The more painful and sad it was when parting, the happier you will be when you meet again

So smile!

Be happy! Life is to be happy :) all the time!

Those memories, will forever be locked within us.

The joy and the sadness of parting

The great times spent together achieving miracles

Even if we may not see each other for a long time, I will never forget all the friends that have come into my life

For they are the ones who made my life richer and more meaningful

Those memories I will cherish, forever :)

People often say, emotions are so dangerous, people who lose control will do terrible things

But without emotions, we lose one of the things that makes us human

That's why, emotions are beautiful, aren't they?

Tears, are beautiful, aren't they?

Sometimes I look at my life and think

You know, the best things in my life are really simple

It's just being able to feel powerful emotions

To understand that by using our attitude to produce the proper emotions, we can get through the hardest days in our lives

Right now, I feel so touched, and inspired, after watching how human bonds and relationships can be so beautiful and precious.

It's really true when they say, the most special things can never be seen, they can only be felt.

Such as love.

I also understand that as a leader, I have to understand human emotions well.

Being able to project the proper emotions is so important.

It could even change someone's life.

For me, there's a long long way to go in life, and I can feel great things await me up ahead.

And I'll be sure, to savor every single heartfelt emotion.

That's what makes life special.

Even if we had the brain to think rationally, without emotions we would just be robots.

I think today was a day well spent!

Goodnight everyone :) May everyone have an awesome and wonderful life!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Being Yourself

Today! Is such a good day for me! XD

I went to watch Real Steel! Awesome movie, totally added to my wonderful day!

Good and touching story, it is a TOTAL must watch! No regrets watching it :)

Also, since I was waiting for the movie to start I wondered into the CD shop and bought SNSD's latest album the Boys! XD

No regrets purchasing it! RM70!? Meh! I love SNSD too much for that to be expensive!

Plus they give lots of photocards and a HUGE poster! Awesome! Love it! It's on my room wall right now XD

I SWEAR it's bigger than the size of my computer table!

The first album I ever bought! I'm so proud! Never thought I'd buy an album! When you really love something you'll do anything to make it happen. I promise!


To be honest, its not always easy sharing your love for your favourite group with other people. I get mixed feedback when I share news and photos of SNSD on my wall.

Some love the eye candy, some are SONEs like me so they don't mind at all, some just get irritated that I post so many stuff.

It kind of bugs me... I wonder why they don't change the settings on my page sometimes. Then they won't get spammed so much. If they from 'subscribed' to 'important only' or 'unsubscribe' then we would all be happy, no? It's strange. People can be really selfish even though I have the right to post stuff on my wall however I want and how MANY I want.

I won't change for anyone, except if I myself want to change. You gotta know your own rights. You have the right to be yourself, even when other people condemn you for being yourself.

So people can judge me all they want, I'm a true blue SONE. (it is pronounced so-one) A SONE is the term used for an SNSD fan. (for those who are wondering) I know that the girls will do a great job and make a global impact.

They are now number 3 on the youtube charts along with worldwide artists such as LMFAO and Justin Bieber.

They are leading the K-wave.


We all have to understand one very important thing. All the things we do in life, not everyone is going to like it. Instead of trying to please everyone, just be yourself.

I realize that among K-pop groups SNSD does have haters. Not that many, but many compared to other K-pop groups. I always wondered why. They are really nice girls, and they never really offended anyone, why all the hate? Why all the 'oh they probably had plastic surgery?' Who cares? Listen, 50 years from now everyone will be getting plastic surgery. Lean in with the damned era man. We're changing.

Listen good, no one is perfect. Everyone has something bad about them. That makes us human. So are the girls.

I for one know that they work so hard. They deserve to be on top. Haters are just jealous. And really... Haters are just HELPING promote SNSD to the world.

Do you see me hating on another K-pop group? No. Because I respect the other k-pop groups for putting in their effort into being successful.

Years from now, you will see the legacy that SNSD has created. They are the chosen group to lead the hallyu wave and bring K-pop to a global scale. And know that I am a fan from now until forever, and if I had known them a few years back I definitely would have been their fan even earlier when they first started.

Someday, girls generation will be known as global generation. They will break records and make history forever.

Do you know how close these girls are?

Think about it, can these girls achieve the success they have achieved today without teamwork?

No! It is clear to me that these girls have done a great job in having tight bonds with one another and.

It is only when a team is in synchronized harmony that real STRONG impact can be made with their actions.

People may think its their looks that makes them popular and so they pin it on plastic surgery. They try to de-grade SNSD.

Let me make it clear that these girls are NOT flower vases.

What really helped them was their attitude and teamwork. They stuck together through thick and thin. From the beginning, 9, until now, still 9.

These girls have a humble and successful winning attitude. Trust me on this. I'm not blinded by their beauty or anything like that. I call it as I see it.

Again, you may think that it's their looks, but trust me, looks alone will get you NOWHERE in this world.

Let me elaborate more.

I used to only like Tiffany among all the 9 girls.

But the more I watched their variety shows. The more I came to understand all the other girls personalities.

The more I fell in love with ALL of them. You know I actually previously never thought that Jessica was pretty or anything like that.

But now, I honestly think she is GORGEOUS. You know why?

Attitude. Personality. That made her gorgeous in my eyes. That is why some people will NEVER comprehend why we are so in love with these girls

Most people just think its their surface that attracted us to them.

Trust me, their personality plays an even MORE important role in making us like them.

Don't ever just judge this girls based on their looks. They have hearts of gold. I vouch for that any day anytime. Have an open mind about them, and you will soon understand what I'm talking about.

Thank you for reading :) I had to clear my head today haha! lately been receiving a lot of comments that im posting too much SNSD stuff. I always have to tell them to change my profile settings to suit their spam needs.

Seriously man, they make a big deal out of nothing. That shows how free people are, to make a huge deal out of something so small.

Think about it, you think that if you had more important matters at hand you'd actually bother to make an issue about something like this?

The minute someone complains about something small like this, it just tells me how free they are and how small minded they are. Well, toodles :) hehe

Friday, October 21, 2011

Surprising... So surprising...

We're human. We make mistakes all the time.

Other people are human. Other people make mistakes all the time.

That is why it is our duty to learn how to accept our mistakes and apologize.


Did you know? Right now I could still be angry over what happened over 30 minutes ago.

But I'm not. I'm okay now. So quickly.

Even though what happened 30 minutes ago could have shook the very stability of my club.

Apologizing the proper way, is so important.

Most people can't do this.


The other person was right, I'm not the best president. Not yet, at least. I still don't treat everyone equally, even though I am trying.

I still get moody sometimes, even though I am trying not to be.

I still criticize, mostly inside my mind, about others, even though I am trying not to.


Just now I could have just criticized back about my friend's mistakes.

But I didn't. I held my anger in.

I apologized.

I knew that, no one is perfect, and my friend just pointed out to me my mistakes.

It doesn't matter whether the other person made any mistakes.

What matters is that we need to realize our mistakes first, before anyone else's.

If I made mistakes, then who am I to criticize another?

And just like that, the tension and the anger between my side and my friend's side... subsided...

Just one apology, had that affect.

The power....


On the other hand, what if I had lashed back?

What if I criticized my friend in return instead of apologizing?

I believe now I would still be in a heated argument, angry with myself and my friend.

I'm surprised at myself.

I apologized... even though I was ready to lash back... Why did I do that? How did I do that?

I don't know. Does it make me a better individual? If I'm willing to apologize for my mistakes?

Perhaps. It did make me feel better. It did make the tension subside. It probably would even improve future relations.

I'm a strange guy... Sometimes I don't understand myself either.

Still, I know many imperfections lie within me, most of it makes up who I am. That's what humans are, we're creations of powers from above filled with imperfection, and that in itself makes us beautiful, inside.

After all, we can only be ourselves, in the end.

I'm still sorry for all the trouble I caused for my friend.

I'm willing to apologize whenever it is required.

You apologize if you value a friendship and want it restored.

You don't apologize when you want to severe a friendship.

It's as simple as that.

Perhaps I'm really learning the essence of the bulwark of the ages. It is a shield that absorbs hate and returns kindness and love.

It's something very few people on earth possess. In comparison to the twin-edge sword most people hold in their hands.

Yes, it's so surprising.

I'm still really surprised.

I'll learn to be a better friend and a leader. It's a promise.


Good night :)